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About us


We specialise in international media planning and buying

We are a one stop agency allowing clients and unaccredited agents the freedom to run their business while we provide the advertising and marketing strategy, all based on cost effective use of the advertising budget.

We are already delivering significantly improved value for our current clients through lower prices, greater levels of exposure and better, more relevant placements. Find new, improved ways to communicate and deliver results. As media and communication experts, we know what works, where, and why. We have the unique ability to add wider creative thinking to refine our media delivery and as a result, we constantly deliver innovation back to our clients. 


First we establish a budget then identify the most cost effective advertising use for that budget. Then we look at how and where we can get free added value to make the campaign stronger. Each client has a different set of needs. We learn these by taking a clear brief and then we design the individual strategy to fulfil these needs.

Our team works very hard in getting effective messages to your market through the right media, at the right time and with the right frequency to achieve maximum impact with minimum investment.



We can provide

  • a thorough knowledge of the international media scene 
  • advice to you on the most efficient media choice in key markets
  • information on media expenditures/ rankings/ evaluations from sophisticated research and survey databases
  • cost estimates on the basis of budget plans
  • manage the complete handling of your advertising order


Our services include 

  •    Media and Planning
  •    Travel Advertising Planning
  •    Press & Magazine Advertising
  •    Educational Advertising
  •    Creative concepts
  •    Distribution Assistance
  •    Outdoor (OOH)
  •    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  •    Pay Per Click Management (PPC)
  •    Online Display Advertising (CPM)
  •    Promotions and Search Marketing