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Print Media

We partner with agencies across the UK and all over the world


We deal with a number of national as well as international newspaper titles. Majority of our clients use our service either to reach millions of people with a national or international campaign or targeting specific geographic population through advertising in regional newspapers.


We deal with several formats of print media including educational, property, recruitment advertisements. We provide very competitive rates to our clients with excellent communication. We also offer multiple formats of advertisements such as combinations of print and eNewspapers; newspaper and magazine etc. by negotiating directly with the media houses at attractive discounts. This is one of the reasons that our clients use our services consistently and constantly as we provide an excellent platform for businesses and organisations to reach solely to their target audience without wasting their money and time.


While promoting through magazines, most people think about the vast, reflexive, national distributions loaded with enormous brand advertisements. What’s more it may appear as your own particular business doesn’t have a place close by in the event that you don’t offer your services outside your local area.

We deal with several national as well as international magazines to promote our clients’ business. Since, magazines such as fortnightly or monthly have longer shelf-lives as compared to the newspapers; they are often browsed for longer from the date of their publication. This means, with magazines, you can target an audience for up to six months from the original date of insertion. We are here to help out our clients with the complete details about the requested magazine titles such as its circulation, demographic, distribution statistics, special sections or themes etc.



Strategic advertising is an integral part of the marketing process


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